What To Expect

When You Walk Through Our Doors...

You’ll be met with friendly faces and soothing purple walls. We prioritize your child’s wellbeing, give you our undivided attention, and genuinely want to hear your story. We want to get to the root of your concerns and discover the best path forward, because your child is a uniquely exceptional human who deserves a team dedicated to supporting them on their journey.

You won’t often find a medical clinic where your child’s therapist consistently consults with their physician to discuss their care plan. Or where your child’s dietician and eating disorder recovery coach meet regularly to discuss the best ways for them to nourish both their body and their brain.

At Our Place, this multifaceted approach to care is our norm. All of our medical providers and our robust roster of affiliates—including therapists, nutritionists, psychologists, diagnosticians and more—collaborate and rely on one another to develop the most comprehensive, individualized treatment plan for your child. We are committed to offering both the widest breadth and the furthest depth of care to account for the multidimensional person your child is.